About Restoration Art


We have a simple but robust mission: To recruit the talent of artisans and meld them together to create works of art that will be donated to organizations that will use items to encourage those they support. The groups we support could include, nursing homes, hospitals, domestic violence shelters, churches, as well as the organizations that are fighting to end abuse and suffering such as human trafficking.

We follow a process model that has proven to be effective and efficient in creating the handmade mixed media art elements which are donated.

1.)We communicate with the organizations  and determine which art elements and what quantity they would like to receive. The organizations will have the option to use these handmade donated items in several ways:

  • To use the art elements directly with those they are supporting. Cards of encouragement, birthday, img1457557612513thinking of you, etc as well as bookmarks, journals and memory / prayer boxes can be gifted to recipients to keep.
    • We are also available to provide Creative sessions with recipients and staff if they are local to one of our volunteers. Please contact us to discuss this further.
  • Organizations may choose to use the art elements to raise funding & awareness of their cause. Some organizations have resale shops / boutiques which support their organizations and safe houses. They may decide to use the art elements in those shops to raise additional funding.
  • Organizations may decide to use the art elements as communication pieces to raise awareness for their cause. Our art elements can be tailored to each organizations needs. When you contact us, we can discuss this further.

2.) All art elements that are created are done so through a volunteer base. This allows our organization to provide the art elements at no charge!

  • If you’d rather shop for specific items which we need, you can do so by finding our public “Wish List” on Amazon! All items purchased can be shipped to us directly! We will then identify which volunteers need the supplies and provide them. Be sure to watch our page called “Supplies we use” to find out about specific items we may need for upcoming projects.

3.) Once we have obtained the necessary supplies, we then schedule a “Needs Event”. These events are done virtually but can also be accomplished by a group of volunteers in one area. A volunteer is able to access the needs that have been posted and respond with how they would like to be involved.

  • All created items that are donated are put through a quality control process to ensure that each item is properly made. We do this to ensure that the end recipient will receive a created item that is durable and will hold up over time for them to enjoy!

4.) Prior to delivery, all art elements are covered in prayer by a group of prayer warriors! It is extremely important to us to know that from the beginning of this process, all the way 20150919_142252to delivery, the art elements receive prayer. We know that the only reason we are able to keep Restoration Art moving forward is because of God’s blessing on this ministry and His desire to rescue the souls of  all who trust Him!

Interested in joining us? Please visit our page on “Volunteering” to learn how you can get involved and make a difference!

And most important, Please pray for this community ministry, for all that will be involved and for all the lives that will be touched with our handmade creations!!