Donate Now!

Thank you for donating to further our cause! All contributions made to Restoration Art will be managed by the Outreach Ministry Department of Bell Shoals Baptist Church. This means that your contributions are tax deductible!

IMPORTANT::::Before you donate, could we ask that you pay close attention to the donation page we are sending you to! It is very important that you designate in the donation form that your contribution is going to “Restoration Art“! That ensure that your contribution is placed into a special account for us to use. All monies are closely managed by Bell Shoals Baptist Church to ensure that your contribution is used for what you intended it to be used for!

If you visit Bell Shoals Baptist Church and wish to make a donation through the offering taken during services, please use a tithe envelope and designate “Restoration Art” on the outside of the envelope under “Other”

You can click HERE to make your donation!

Thank you for playing such an important role in Restoration Art!