Founder of Restoration Art

Theresa CAlderini Image for RAI glance around my world everyday and think to myself “there but for the grace of God go I”. There are others around us who have existed in some of the darkest places imaginable and ONLY by the grace of God, and those He placed around these people, have they been rescued.  I often question why very visible, well publicized causes don’t become “resolved”. But just as quickly as this thought crosses my mind do I give my own answer….. “we live in a fallen world”. We CAN get involved and make a difference. Any positive difference is something and it’s what God has called us to do.

We are to show HIS love in a darkened world.

While working with another group I began several years ago called “Card Angels” (we created and donated handmade cards for Cancer Centers), I began to see how the model for that organization could be used for various other community involvement

I create as a ministry and am always seeking out organizations to donate my handmade items to. There are so many organizations needing help yet it became difficult to know which groups to donate to as well as what to donate and how much. I assumed that if I was struggling with this, that other similar creatives were as well. I wondered how to remedy this……I prayed for God to open doors and reveal what my role could be and as expected, He showed up and revealed in a mighty way!

Psalm 34:5 says “ALL those who look to Him are radiant; their faces are never covered in shame”.  ALL are His children and in His eyes, they are beautifully and wonderfully made!

AS I began to learn more about getting involved and making a positive difference and praying for this specifically, God pressed upon my heart the opportunity to create handmade art elements that would bring hope and encouragement to others. I now knew my purpose and made the decision to take the next steps that God had revealed.

I spent weeks in my studio, praying, researching and creating. Once I had the idea , i began contacting others who could help launch this idea to other creatives. I identified an organization called “Meet The Need” which provides software that can be used to join volunteers together for specific needs. This ensures wether the entire need can be met and what exactly is needed for donations.

I oversee Restoration Art. We recruit the talents of artisans and meld them together to create works of art that will be passed on to survivors of human trafficking and the organizations which support them.

Be it one card, bookmark, or possibly a mixed media canvas or memory / prayer box, our vision remains the same…..

“Revealing God’s Love & Restoring the Soul”

Theresa Calderini